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MHT-CET/JEE Main Crash Course

MHT-CET/JEE Main Crash Course

Engineering Institutes like NITs IIITs & BIT (Ranchi) give admission on the basis of students performance in JEE Main Exams whereas MHT CET will  be conducted for admission to Degree Engineering colleges in Maharashtra. Our  classroom program will help students to crack the MHT-CET/JEE Main 2023 which consists of subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Maths.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is broadly divided into two phases:

  • Phases I – Concept building stage
  • Phase II – Testing and Perfecting stage

PHASE I – Concept Building  Phase

This is an extremely crucial phase of our course , which aims at building a solid foundation  of concepts and fundamentals. Every class will consists of  diagnostic test along with concept building  lectures.

This phase will enable students to;

  1. Test their grasp and understanding of concepts
  2. Sharpens problem solving ability
  3. Master speed building techniques
  4. Identify area of strength and weakness and work upon it.
  5. A home assignment will be given to the students at the end of every class.

PHASE II Testing and perfecting stage

During this stage students will write every part syllabus tests for MHT-CET/JEE Main 2023 along with daily lectures. Students will be able to analyse their performance in these tests through our performance feedback system.

This phase of continuous testing and corrective action will enable the students to

  1. Overcome common errors
  2. Develop the right exam spirit
  3. Build the speed necessary to compete the MHT-CET/JEE Main 2023 exam
  4. Perfect the concept  and analytical skills.
  5. Strengthen the confidence to face the actual  MHT-CET/JEE Main 2023 exam
  6. Doubt classes will be conducted during the last phase.

MHT-CET 2020 tuition fees for these  lecture and  doubt solving lecture is only Rs.15,000/- (exclusive of  18% GST)

Program Schedule for MHT-CET (Engg)  2023

Course schedule 10th March 2023 to 30th April  2023

Class timing

Phase  I – 6 hrs per day. 6 days per week from 10th March to 20th April

Phase II – Full Syllabus tests, from 21st April  to  30th April  with periodic doubt solving lecture

JEE-Main 2020 tuition fees for these lecture  and  doubt solving lecture  is only Rs.18,000/- (exclusive of 18% GST)

Course schedule  8th March 2023 to 28th April 2023

Class timing

Phase  I – 6 hrs per day. 6 days per week from 8thMarch to 25th March

Phase II – Full Syllabus tests, from 26th  March  to 28th April 2023 with periodic doubt solving lecture.

Mode of Payment : Cheque should be paid in favour of “Nathani’s Classes”